Miranda del Castanar

Having left the site of the Battle of Arapiles near Salamanca, as the sun was setting over the plain, my ascent into the Sierra was in darkness accompanied by heavy, sheeting showers and low cloud. I awoke to a cool, early December morning with the ragged remnants of the clouds still lurking in the surrounding valley bottoms. … Continue reading Miranda del Castanar


‘Nosey’ and the Battle of Arapiles

This post is for my Brother-in-Law. This is but a cursory glimpse of the battlefield and as such I make no attempt at describing the battle as there are many knowledgeable commentators on the internet who have already done so. The battle seems to be one of the less commented on battles of the Peninsular Campaign, … Continue reading ‘Nosey’ and the Battle of Arapiles


Well, it might have been an immodestly hurried scuttle across the plains of Northern Spain to get here, but here I am in Salamanca, on a somewhat impromptu visit to friends who live in an urban eyrie overlooking one of the city's parks. Unlike the UK, I was able to park the van in a … Continue reading Salamanca

Big (Grey) Sky Country – Coca to Salamanca.

Wide open, seemingly empty, plains may not be everyone's cup of tea, however there is always plenty to see that my lack of photographic skills, or the camera lens, fail to capture. There were, for example, hundreds of Kites soaring on the breeze; often as many as a dozen, or more, hunting in one place over … Continue reading Big (Grey) Sky Country – Coca to Salamanca.