Big (Grey) Sky Country – Coca to Salamanca.

Wide open, seemingly empty, plains may not be everyone's cup of tea, however there is always¬†plenty to see that my lack of photographic skills, or the camera lens, fail to capture. There were, for example, hundreds of Kites soaring on the breeze; often as many as a dozen, or more, hunting in one place over … Continue reading Big (Grey) Sky Country – Coca to Salamanca.


Coca – Without the Leaves

The morning arrived bright and calm and soon warmed up to a comfortable shirt-sleeves temperature - just as December should be! Today, Coca's most striking edifice is the C15th. Mud√©jar Castle. The castle and town stand on a historically important and strategic promontory between the deeply cut valleys of the Eresma and Voltoya rivers at … Continue reading Coca – Without the Leaves

Soria to Coca via Aranda de Duero and Penafiel

Soria. Having arrived the previous evening on dusk my main priority was to buy provisions, find some wifi (at the 'Golden Arches' Restaurant - fast appearing in every Spanish city and town of significance) and sort out a local SIM card for my phone. Mission accomplished I then wound my way around the town and … Continue reading Soria to Coca via Aranda de Duero and Penafiel