Every Porta Potti Should Have One Of These!

Best way to 'clear the air'!


Stop Procrastinating And Just Do It!

In the end the mantra simply wore my recalcitrant instinct down to the point where one day I just went out and bought a scruffy Mk7 Ford Transit panel van. I had no idea as to whether, or not, I could make a decent fist of converting it into a serviceable campervan, or what potential … Continue reading Stop Procrastinating And Just Do It!

Are You Being Fleeced?

I must confess that I am - every night! I refer not to holding positions overnight and getting caught by the Market Makers playing their gap- up/down games to catch the stops of the unwitting, but rather of wool as a duvet filling. Back in the day, our bedding was typically linen/cotton sheets overlain with … Continue reading Are You Being Fleeced?

Who Moved My Cheese?!

This is a great little book by Dr Spencer Johnson, all about recognizing, adjusting to and ultimately embracing change. As humans, we are typically averse to change that is imposed upon us throughout life. It threatens our 'comfort zone' and undermines our confidence borne of familiarity and knowledge. In short; it frightens us. This little … Continue reading Who Moved My Cheese?!