Making Waves

Just a quick visual post today. The last few days here at Playa de los Lances have been unsettled with showery weather which seems to have culminated last night with strong gusty winds and heavy rain squalls and even a brief, but heavy, hail-storm this morning to the accompaniment of some thunder and lightning. Back to sun and ‘blue clouds’ now, so all’s well in the world!

Having grown up and lived inland, virtually all my life, it has been a novelty spending the last couple of months living within 100m of the surf; it’s sound a constant auditory backdrop. Quite addictive!







2 thoughts on “Making Waves

  1. Hi David,

    I was more than delighted when I heard about your new blog post. And I must say that the pictures are a sight for sore eyes. I agree with you about getting addicted to the sound of the waves while falling asleep. But there are worse drugs in the world I dare say 😉

    Can´t wait for your next post! 😀


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