Scenes from Losar de la Vera to Mombeltran

One of the benefits of travelling on the smaller provincial roads and the upgrading of many of those roads in recent years, is that you can frequently find short abandoned lengths of the original road. Much like Ox Bow lakes left by a river as it changes course, they can often make excellent spots to camp overnight tucked away from headlights and noise, often as much as 50m or more from the new road at the apex of the bend.


This particular one near Losar happened to be beside a small cascade and natural swimming hole in the hill stream to the left.

The road could be termed, ‘The Way of the Vera’s’ since from Losar de la Vera one passes through Vander de la Vera (near Robledillo de la Vera), then Valverde de la Vera, then Villanueva de la Vera and finally to Madrigal de la Vera, which is perhaps the most picturesque. Oh! and I almost forgot: on the way to Losar one passes by Arroyomolinos de la Vera and Pasaron de la Vera, then through the main town of Jaraiz de la Vera before continuing on through Aldeanueva de la Vera and Jarandilla de la Vera.

Once again it was to be a hazy day making it a challenge to get pictures of the panoramic views from the higher elevations of the foothills of the southern slopes of the Sierra de Gredos.

The farming appeared to be mixed with flocks of sheep being grazed on the higher slopes while fig and stone fruit orchards, olive groves and pasturage could be seen on the lower slopes and in the valleys where they tended to give way to more arable cropping.

Just to keep the unwary traveller on their toes the streets are frequently lined with palms.

I finally discovered where the Clangers went to after leaving the BBC….


….. but no sign of the Soup Dragon!



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