Guisando, Sierra de Gredos

Guisando might be a small village perched on the side of a hill and where level ground is at a premium, but the citizens are very much ‘on trend’ even having their very own roundabout. Looks as if Fernando Alonso lives here!

Having spent the morning driving from Losar de la Vera, mostly along the lower slopes 0f the Sierra de Gredos, I took the first opportunity to head uphill to loop through Guisando and the larger regional town of Arenas de San Pedro and on to Mombeltrán to camp for the night.

There’s nothing here of outstanding significance and thus off the beaten tourist trail, but none-the-less a lovely place to spend an afternoon wandering around enjoying the tranquillity and the views. You could buy a small village house here from about €40,000.

Typical of many villages of the sierras is the ‘natural’ seasonal swimming pool created by damming a mountain stream in summer.



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