Vegas de Coria to Plasencia – with a side trip to the Roman town of Caparra

Not the most auspicious start to the day, but it’s fog/low cloud rather than rain so there’s hope it will clear. Vegas de Coria is a small place with not much to offer, however in the warmer months I would imagine this is a lovely spot to spend a night beside the river. Maybe even some fishing is there, to be had?

A bit of a misty start.

Time to head away from the Sierra de Francia and out onto the wide valley floor of the Rio Alagón to find the ruins of the Roman town of Cáparra, situated on the Ruta de la Plata (The ‘Silver Road’).

Driving south through the foothills the number of olive groves increases sharply until they can be seen across almost every slope down to the valley floor by the time you pass through the next village of La Pesga. From here the road runs along the side of the valley through the olive groves to the small town of Mohedas de Granadilla.

From here the road levels out and the olives give way to cattle grazing on open pastoral farmland studded with oak, not unlike English parkland grazing.

Dam, or barrage, on the Rio Alagon.

From the reservoir it’s less than 10km south to Caparra, which can be clearly seen in the aerial image from Google Maps below. The post on the ‘Roman Town of Caparra’ can be seen here.

Site of the Roman town of Caparra. The ovoid shape defining where the walls once stood can be clearly seen.

From Caparra I headed on across the valley, crossing the main A-66 highway and up into the hills again. Here the road, one of my favoured ‘Camino Rural’, winds up through the little villages of Villar de Plasencia  and Cabezabellosa and then over into the Rio Jerte valley to El Torno .

Looking NW across the valley of the Rio Alagon to the Sierra de Francia.

Despite being early December, there was still plenty of late autumn colour to be seen as the road wound through a mixture of small fruit orchards and livestock grazing – mostly cattle and some goats – at the margin where just sufficient soil allowing cultivation gives way to the steeper, rocky upper slopes.


Stone-fruit orchard and casa high on the slopes of the Jerte valley above El Torno.

El Torno mirador overlooking the Jerte valley with sculptures to the ‘forgotten’ of the Civil War and the Dictatorship. Time too for a ‘brew’ before descending into the valley and the short drive down to Plasencia.

And to Plasencia


Vegas de Coria to Plasencia, Extramadura.



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