Well, it might have been an immodestly hurried scuttle across the plains of Northern Spain to get here, but here I am in Salamanca, on a somewhat impromptu visit to friends who live in an urban eyrie overlooking one of the city’s parks.

Unlike the UK, I was able to park the van in a nearby carpark for free for the 3 days I was there – I like this place already!

There’s so much to Salamanca, with it’s long and rich history, that a blog post based on a fleeting three day visit could never do justice to, so I’ll content myself with just a few observations and impressions.

There are few cities that I’ve been to that would draw me back, but Salamanca is one of those exceptions. It’s clean, it’s safe, it’s not manic, it’s full of historic architecture and it’s decidedly picturesque. In a word: urbane.

I’m told that the climate is good too and it’s well located geographically. There are no cheap flights to Salamanca’s small airfield, the fastest way to Madrid is via the train and it’s a long, long way from a ‘Costa’! These factors no doubt play a significant part in keeping the city the gem that it is.

It is a university city with a long history as an educational centre. Its university is one of the oldest universities in Europe and I’m told the female student body out-weighs the male by several multiples!




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