Big (Grey) Sky Country – Coca to Salamanca.

Leaving Coca behind me the road emerges from the Tierra de Pinares into open arable farmland and …
… big skies, flat horizons and…
… more big sky with a few bits of farm machinery for those getting a tad bored!
Or a pivot irrigator: this could be the Albertan prairies – without the ‘Gophers‘!
Or a treeline that, at a glance, could be gum trees in the West Australian wheatbelt
Finally some hills appear on the horizon indicating that Salamanca can’t be too much further now. Time for a bracing brew-up to steel myself for the city.

Wide open, seemingly empty, plains may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however there is always plenty to see that my lack of photographic skills, or the camera lens, fail to capture. There were, for example, hundreds of Kites soaring on the breeze; often as many as a dozen, or more, hunting in one place over freshly tilled soil.

Then, while stopped for lunch and a quick brew-up , a car-full of indigenous Celt-Iberians came bouncing over the adjacent field at a rate of knots only to then spend ten minutes trying to get across the field ditch with much revving and wheel-spinning and simultaneous advice from the passengers to the driver. Eventually, with friendly waves, a very mud-spattered and herbage-festooned Peugeot took off down the road – it seems it takes more than the average tank trap-like field ditch to reduce the local lads to taking up the offer of a tow rope on the end of a Gringo Transit van!



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