Cascante to Soria – Into Castile y Leon

Cascante is somewhat 'down on its uppers'. A town, now of less than 4000 inhabitants that nestles on a hill in the Queiles valley, that was hit hard; initially when Spain joined the EU (which brought with it cheaper Chinese imports that hit the already struggling textile industry here) and then again as a result … Continue reading Cascante to Soria – Into Castile y Leon


From Aragon to Navarre: Huesca, Ejea de los Caballeros, Tudela And Cascante

The 'Aire' at Huesca was not the most salubrious, being at the Repsol fuel station at the western edge of the town, but I need the services and I was rewarded by a glorious morning that was crisp and clear and a view out across the flat arable lands to the surrounding hills. From Huesca … Continue reading From Aragon to Navarre: Huesca, Ejea de los Caballeros, Tudela And Cascante

The Border

On  The Border The fishing boats go out across the evening water Smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border The wind whips up the waves so loud The ghost moon sails among the clouds Turns the rifles into silver on the border With Al Stewart's, 'Year of the Cat' playing (with the only track … Continue reading The Border

Off To A Soggy Start

After a pretty dry autumn in SW England it was finally time to hit the road and see if living in a van lives up to expectations. Typically, the night I chose to head from the Somerset Levels down to the Brittany Ferry terminal at Poole was very windy and the wettest for months. A … Continue reading Off To A Soggy Start

Roof Rack

I was unable to find a van with a roof rack, or to find a decent secondhand rack at a reasonable price, so I got a friend to fabricate one for me. This was no bad thing since it allowed it to be custom-made to fit the space on the rear of the van behind the … Continue reading Roof Rack

Stop Procrastinating And Just Do It!

In the end the mantra simply wore my recalcitrant instinct down to the point where one day I just went out and bought a scruffy Mk7 Ford Transit panel van. I had no idea as to whether, or not, I could make a decent fist of converting it into a serviceable campervan, or what potential … Continue reading Stop Procrastinating And Just Do It!