Charting The Markets

A blog about travelling and living in a van may seem a somewhat incongruous home for a bunch of financial charts, but they are a passion and so from time to time I will likely post a chart or two.

I frequently see people ask how van dwellers/Digital Nomads fund their lifestyle and trading the financial markets is certainly a viable option now and with a relatively small account too. A stable internet connection is more important than a fast one and uninterrupted access for several hours, if day trading.

A word of caution though! The brokerage adverts, particularly for Forex (currency) trading, can be ridiculously unrealistic in terms of expectations. You need to put in a serious amount of learning time to gain an understanding of how the markets work and then learn how to trade properly with appropriate risk management – no pain, no gain!

An understanding of the role of land value and the ‘economic rent’ (David Ricardo), combined with a knowledge of how to read a financial chart, gives far more insight into the state of the economic cycle than any number of mainstream media economist’s/analyst’s op-ed pieces ever will!

Anyone who shares an interest in charts, be they an investor or trader, is welcome to get in touch. I primarily day-trade the S&P500 futures contract, but keep an eye on other instruments on higher time frames.


Forget pilates and try the ‘Wyckoff Method’: it could do wonders for your economic health!


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