Are You Being Fleeced?

I must confess that I am – every night!

I refer not to holding positions overnight and getting caught by the Market Makers playing their gap- up/down games to catch the stops of the unwitting, but rather of wool as a duvet filling.

Back in the day, our bedding was typically linen/cotton sheets overlain with woollen blankets with, maybe, a down-filled ‘Eiderdown’ for those especially chilly winter nights. Then came the ‘Continental’ duvet revolution (or an Eiderdown in a cover made from a couple of sheets!) and it was a choice of either down or synthetics for a filling and wool was seemingly abandoned.

I was deliberating on what bedding to use in the van and after years of being vexed by the dilemma of either natural down, but the issue of dealing with dust mite, or nasty, sweaty synthetics, I discovered wool-filled duvets and pillows. It was one of those, ‘D’oh!’, moments!

After using the duvet, both in a house and the van, I would highly recommend one. It regulates heat very well and seems able to keep me comfortably warm over a decent range of ambient temperature, it breathes well, is light and thin. The latter attribute is a distinct plus for the van as it makes it easy to air and allows it to fold down to a very manageable space-saving size. Additionally, it is claimed that wool is hypoallergenic, wicks away moisture and is immune to dust mite. Finally, it is of course a natural, sustainable, recyclable, non-polluting organic material.

For the record I purchased a 250g/sqm ‘Summer-weight’ duvet with a 3-6 tog rating on the basis that I intended to keep to warm climes and on the occasions where it got a bit too chilly, then the van’s general-purpose woollen blanket would come into play and in extremis, so too would layers of clothing – I am a great believer in multiple layers!

I have yet to try a wool-filled pillow.

Update. Having spent several months (November – January across Spain) under the duvet, including some frosty nights, it has proved remarkably warm, particularly with a woollen blanket on the top. A winter rated duvet would probably be quite adequate, or perhaps better still, the flexibility of two summer rated duvets.

It regulates heat extremely well keeping you warm, but never sweaty as a down duvet can be.


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