That Sinking Feeling

Like me, you probably have every intention of fitting a sink in the kitchen work-top and then most likely considering fitting a removable board over it to reclaim the precious work-space lost to it.

Having acquired a rather nice piece of Lebanese Cedar for my work-top and duly ordered a sink unit, I began having misgivings about cutting a large section of the timber away to install a piece of nondescript metal in its place. After a few days of contemplation and a passing comment by a good friend, I decided to forego the luxury of being able to wash dishes in a sunken bowl and ‘make do’ with standing a simple plastic washing-up bowl on the un-desecrated work-top. I can even do my dishes alfresco if I so desire!

As an aside and a purely anecdotal one at that, it would seem that the Lebanese Cedar could be acting as a mosquito repellent. Having been camped alongside several other vans over several weeks, who’s occupants regularly complained of mozzies in their vans, I found that I hadn’t had one – and the little perisher love me! The only thing I could think of that might account for the apparent discrepancy was the cedar, the underside of which has not been sealed with Polyx Oil.



Tip: Be conscious of trying to stop and think ‘outside the box’ of the ingrained and familiar paradigms that we are conditioned to.



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