Osmo Polyx Oil

If you have (/plan to have) any amount of exposed wood in your van you may want to consider this excellent German product. I even went as far as using it to waterproof my shower cubicle which is entirely wood (8mm Spruce tongue and groove) with the exception of the ‘tray’ which is fibreglass with a white gel coat applied directly to the woodwork in situ.

The cladding on the walls of the van were treated with two coats of interior Danish oil to give a warmer, honey-coloured hue to the otherwise somewhat starkly pale wood. The shower and kitchen work-top, which required water-proofing, were treated with two and three coats of Osmo, respectively. The reason for the third coat on the work-top was to give added abrasion resistance and a deeper lustre. I also treated other potential high-impact (ie. to kicks and knocks) surfaces with Osmo due to the increased hardness imparted, to the otherwise soft spruce and pine, by the waxes in the Osmo, but lacking in Danish Oil.

Osmo Polyx-oil (High Solids) [3032 Clear Satin]. A 750ml tin costs about £28 and will cover ~18m^2, or 9m^2 when the recommended 2 coats are applied.

Tip: I found that the first coat typically requires more oil than the top coat due to the greater penetration of the bare wood and subsequent sealing of the grain by the oils/waxes.

Also, be aware that not all Danish Oils are created equally. Cheaper brands tend to have a higher varnish content leading to a darker tone and are often of a thicker consistency and so do give as much coverage (false economy!).

Below are a couple of photos showing ‘before and after’ treatment. 1/. two sections from the same sheet of hardwood ply. The board on the right has been treated with a single coat of Osmo [3032]. 2/. a single piece of ply part treated.

The waxes and oils not only bring out the wood’s grain, but harden the surface and render it water repellent.



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